domingo, 22 de enero de 2012


I've never been in NY
and I guess it's as wonderful as people say.
I really guess if traveling is as wonderfull as they say,
because I've never travelled.
Sure there are several ways to travel,
that don't have nothing to do with the place,
the transport mean, the quality, the luxury.

Such as most of things, depends on the person.
I can fly over NY just to see something greater,
I can watch the rainy lands, and the green deserts,
the diamond seas and the windy mountains,
just if I want to.

But I guess all of this is the product
of jealous feelings:
I can see how easy seems to discover,
to watch all what must be watched
that I can´t watch.
And then,
to burn myself imagining those places nobody can reach
but me,
those things I'm the one to get,
they are all fantasies and copies and reproductions of those reflexed jealous feelings.

Because I can feel nothing
that hasn´t been felt yet.

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